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Modern furniture stores offer a wide selection of bedroom sets to their customers.

You can order bedroom furniture in traditional English style or you can select the intricate Baroque or empire style with elements of Greek and Roman motifs. If desired, you can design a bedroom like a cabin of a spacecraft or a Pacific cruise ship - everything is determined by your preferences, your taste, imagination and budget. Traditional suites of bedroom furniture consists of a double bed, two bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table. Classic bed usually has a high head, small foot and side panels. Beds are often decorated with carvings, paintings, inlaid precious wood. Mattress is laid on the bars made from wooden slats. It is good if a mattress is an orthopedic one and is made of natural materials.

There are many models of beds. You can certainly choose the most convenient one for you. There are beds with an increased rigidity mattresses and adjustable beds on rollers with remote control. You can order a bed made of fine wood with a beautiful headboard and side panels personaly for you. Many furniture stores complete beds with related accessories: blankets, linens, counterpanes, comforters and pillows. The standard bed is made up of a headboard, frame, legs, side panels and foot panels. Headboard is usually decorated with painting, carving, it may also have non-standard geometrical shape. Headboard may be low, high or absent. Options for moving head with an adjustable angle are available on some beds. Side panels are usually made from the same fabric as the headboard, but it is also possible to design sides with a cloth, suede or leather. Foot bar (footboard) is not always convenient for all people. For example, tall people often prefer beds without this element. The basis of the bed is a grid or frame with slats. Basis with a metal grid is less preferable. A mattress is laid down on a frame. The best basis for the mattress is a plate made of natural beech on a metal or wooden frame. It is also desirable that a mattress was orthopedic. According to the degree of rigidity orthopedic mattresses are divided into hard, soft and semi-soft. Best mattress paddings are made of natural fabrics: cotton, wool, satin.

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Adjustable Beds, Open Spring Divan Beds, Pillowtop Mattress Modern medicine explains the causes of insomnia by the influence of mattress. Too tough or too soft bed may have a negative influence on the spine, so the person sleeping on uncomfortable beds is experiencing constant discomfort and frequent awakening...

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